How To Feel Inspired & Happy Always

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Someone said Happiness is key to success!!!! However we all need a touch of inspiration to reignite the fire in our soul, be it to stimulate creative ideas for a project we are working on or simply to break the monotony of life’s autopilot.

It is easy to get trapped in the day-to-day hustle that steals our time and robs us of feeling connected to personal inspirations that give us a zest for life.

I do feel this disconnection so many time and feel detached from the things I enjoy that make me feel inspired simple things like Sleep, Run, Exercise and socialising with friends.

This made me think and find out few things which can change my life to be always happy and motivated.

Get Socialise & Connect With People:

I am introvert person with extrovert attitude, complex isn’t it? That’s the fun!!!! Be introvert and analyse your thoughts but get in touch with new people and connect with them, every person teach you something, some teach you how to behave and some teach you how not to.

Show Gratitude:

Having gratitude is key to happiness, prepare a journal or thank you book or write an email to yourself for how grateful you are for everything you have in life, whatever you have will multiply and I am talking by my experience. If something doesn’t happen the way you want still be thankful and find out a positive side of it.

Exercise Daily:

Keeping your body active plays an important role in keeping your mind relax and happy, just having a five minute walk in the garden can change your mood, and doing few push up can inspire you do better for that day.

Watch Your Food Habits:

Food plays important role in your life, food is the main reason for depression and anxiety, and someone very correctly said “You Become What You Eat”. Change your eating habits and you will see change in yourself.

Learn Something New:

whenever you feel low just try to learn something new you might get it correct or you fail but it will make you happy and inspired, it will keep you engage and will help you to divert your mind

Read Something Every day:

The way your body need food every day, your brain needs food too, so give him food, if you cannot or don’t have time to read book read articles or blogs that inspire you or teach you something.


our breath is related with our emotions, so if you don’t know how to meditate just close your eyes and observe your breath, practising it for 10 to 15 minutes daily will help you be calm and compose and you will ready to conquer any hustle in life.

Do Random Act Of Kindness:

this is really a key for feeling happy, whenever you are feeling low just go out and help random people without expecting anything from them, you will feel inspired and your energy level will boost.

There are so many things which effects our mind and I can keep writing but I know you don’t have that much time so stay tuned to have more ideas to get inspired and will talk on above topics in detail, this things helped me to achieve impossible things in my life and I know it will help everyone.

So do subscribe and comment, let me know what you are already doing and what you will love to do from above points? It will inspire me and will love to connect with you

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  1. PR

    Great post,I myself to believe in reading something everyday,it really enriches our lives and gives us better persperpers towards things.

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  2. Chandrashekhar kale

    Just had a glimpse on it. First of all congratulations to you for taking this step. By motivating others we can also feel it inside and this will keep ourself to keep inspired. A good writer needs lot to read, and there is hardly any way to compensate good and meaningful life other than reading habits.

    So eventually it will help you and the people who are reading your blogs.

    Looking forward to have same kind useful material 😊

    Best wishes to you. I truly appreciate you for this crucial step.

    Chandrashekhar Kale

  3. Bhagyashri

    Fabulous sanket..well written..its really true ,having good food n good book is now a days one of the imp need just like good air to breathe…

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  4. Apurva Patidar

    Well said, This is very motivational and helpful, just reading your posts can help others in their lives, may be in terms of changing their lifestyle or may be by changing their personality and attitude towards taking the opinions and view towards life, sometimes this type of motivation is required to get back on right track, this is a true guidance if people are ready to pursue it with full faith… Great step Sanket… 👍✌️ Waiting for next post

  5. Apurva Patidar

    Well said, Truly motivating, this is so required to get back on right track, your post can help many people, may be in terms of changing their lifestyle or may be by changing their personality and attitude towards taking the opinions and view towards life,Great step Sanket ✌️👍 waiting for your next post

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  6. Bismay

    Congrats for the Well thought…
    Ture inspratinsp for others …..
    For trekking is one of those things that you can only do when you have the determination in you.”


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  7. Udita Mukherjee

    The piece is very well drafted and lively. Travelling is indeed helpful in changing life’s perception and when accompanied by trekking, positive perception about one’s life is bound to form The keys to be happy were well sorted too. I could feel the enthusiasm which you have expressed in words. Keep on sharing such experiences 🙂

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